Over the course of 2022, we’ve been working on a little rebrand, including the creation of a new website and mobile app for the church. The goal for these new features is to continue spreading the good news about Jesus Christ in an increasingly online world and to help people get and stay connected as we live life together. We’ve been able to partner with a platform that provides all of these features, plus financial giving! This platform is called Subsplash, and you’ll see it popping up already on our current website, on the “Give” page. With Subsplash, you can give as a guest or create an account. We’re taking the next two months to slowly transition from our current giving platform Tithely to Subsplash. From now through the end of 2022, feel free to use either giving method. You can still use the Tithely app or give via our website. Starting Jan 1 2023 however, Tithely will no longer be an option. So these next 8 weeks are yours to familiarize yourself with Subsplash giving. Feel free to reach out to finance team at finance@jcatlanta.org with any questions.