Update 6/23/20:

Hola familia!

As I mentioned on Sunday, we have set the date for our in-person Sunday worship reunion to Sunday, July 12th. We have been continuing to follow the COVID-19 trends in Georgia and are aware that there has been a rise in cases in the past week. As of now, we are moving forward with this reopening date. As we assess the trends and seek counsel with healthcare experts in the next few weeks, we will remain flexible and communicate with you if there are any changes with our reopening date. I also want to remind you that though we are taking these important health considerations seriously, they are not the only factors in our decision to move forward with our reunion. It is equally important, if not more so, to consider the blessings, graces and anointing God has intended for His body to experience when it is gathered together in one place and in one accord. This kind of spurring edifies and encourages us towards love and good deeds and ultimately brings glory to our sovereign God. We also understand that each person’s health and living situation is different, and so we ask that you prayerfully consider when is the right time for you personally to rejoin in-person. 

Our reopening will occur in phases; we are doing this so that it allows us to slowly transition into our “new normal” of worshipping together, and refine our protocols as we go. The first phase will be three weeks at a minimum, where we are inviting a maximum of 60 people to attend by family and journey groups. All church members will receive an email with information on when your group can join, along with details on how we can all be preparing for our reunion. 

Don’t forget to join us on Zoom for the familia meeting next Sunday June 28th immediately after service. We’ll be going over the new flow for Sunday service, taking any questions you might have, and of course, praying together. In the meantime, you can always reach our Member Care deacons at deacons@jcatlanta.org if you have any questions.

I am so excited to see you all in person, familia! 

P. Dandy


Update 5/28/20:

Hello church! As we prepare for our upcoming in-person gathering, we are kicking off a new communications series called Prepare for our New Normal. Check back every Thursday for a sneak peak of our “new normal” and ways you can be preparing for our reunion. Next week, we will kick off our series with Before you head out: self-evaluation checklist


Update 5/25/20:

Hola familia,

During our members’ meeting two weeks ago, we were considering beginning phase 1 of our in-person gathering in early June. After much prayer, looking at detailed data provided by Georgia Tech and the CDC, as well as speaking with multiple healthcare professionals, we have decided to delay our in-person gathering by at least another month. This will give us time to make all of the necessary arrangements so that we can be as prepared as possible for our “new normal” together. More importantly, this will give us time as a body to come together in prayer. 

As shared during our Friday prayer meetings, it is extremely important that both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our church are cared for. Throughout the Bible, we see Jesus and His disciples model for us their willingness to lay down their physical lives for the sake of winning souls for God’s kingdom. We are in this world but not of this world, and we know that our true citizenship lies in the kingdom of God (John 17:15-19). With this eternal mindset, our mission is to love our neighbors in ways that care more deeply for their eternal souls than for their physical bodies. 

The Bible further shows us the importance of gathering face-to-face. Psalm 133 describes aspects of God’s anointing and grace that can only be experienced in-person, when brothers dwell in unity. When people of God come together, there is a specific and eternal blessing. In these times of uncertainty, the enemy can use our fears and anxiety to cause division and isolation. The Journey staff, deacons and I have decided to increase the frequency of communications with you during this crucial time. The purpose of these communications is not only to keep you informed, but also so we can pray and intercede for one another. Remember how essential prayer is to living under the Holy Spirit’s direction and power.  

Below are some additional ways we can all stay connected:

  1. Pray Together: Let’s come together to pray on Friday nights at 8pm and in the mornings on Tuesdays through Fridays at 7am. You can find the Zoom links on our website.
  2. Ask us Anything: Every Tuesday via Instagram stories, ask questions you have as you continue to prepare for a transition out of quarantine. Check back on Wednesdays for responses to your questions (we will try to get to as many as we can, but ask for your grace if we don’t get to yours). In addition, you can email our deacons any time at deacons@jcatlanta.org.
  3. Preparing for New Normal: Every Thursday via Instagram, Facebook and website, look out for a sneak peak of a “new normal” gathering. This will provide some behind-the-scenes insights and show some ways we can all be preparing to reunite soon.

In addition to these weekly communications, I will share periodic “Update from Journey” messages as we have more details on our next steps. We are in this together, familia. Let’s run this race together. 

-P. Dandy


Update 4/25/20:
Hola familia,

In light of the recent news from our government officials, I want to provide you with some updates on how our church will move forward.

All of our church gatherings will remain online until at least the end of May. These include family groups, journey groups, prayer meetings, and Sunday services. We have made this decision given the high uncertainty of COVID-19 right now. The Journey staff and I are closely monitoring the situation, and we will communicate promptly with you if anything changes.

Please stay home and be safe. I miss you all, and look forward to the day when we can physically worship together again.

-Pastor Dandy


Update 3/16/20:
Hola familia, in light of the current COVID-19 events our Church community will be going code RED as of now. This means that all church gatherings including Family Groups, Journey Groups, and worship service will be online.

Our government officials are asking that gatherings should be 10 people or less. Please be on the look out for updates from staff on our social media channels and email for specific logistic implementations.

More importantly, please continue to pray for our national and local leaders, our church members and it’s leaders, our communities and our workplaces. Thank you familia!

-Pastor Dandy

Update 3/15/20:
Until further notice, Sunday Service will be live-streamed at 1:30PM. Please see the home page for more information.

Update 3/14/20:

Midtown Service is cancelled until August 2020.

Update 3/13/20:

In light of all the news about COVID-19 recently, the staff at Journey would like to share some thoughts from scripture and our church’s plans. We want to be sensitive to the situation, but not ignore the word of God that we should gather as a community.

Currently, we are in what we consider to be CODE YELLOW stage. During the CODE YELLOW stage, we will:

  • Continue our weekly gatherings (prayer meetings, Sunday, services, family and journey groups), please join us as you feel comfortable
  • Encourage social distancing by leaving at least one space between you and the next person
  • Love on one another by refraining from physical touch
  • Exercise caution and wash hands frequently / use hand sanitizer, and stay home if you feel unwell or have returned from an international trip
  • In addition, the Servant Appreciation event (originally scheduled for March 28) have been postponed.

The staff at Journey is assessing the situation as we receive more information, and we are setting up livestream capabilities in the event that we need to move to an online community. We understand the fluidity of the situation, and we will communicate via the church website and our social media pages if anything changes.

If the situation becomes more severe, we will move to CODE ORANGE stage. During the CODE ORANGE stage, we will:

  • Provide virtual services
  • Encourage you to meet with your family groups as you tune into the virtual service


If authorities decide to limit all public activities, we will move to CODE RED and submit to the guidelines set by authorities.

We understand that there is a lot of potential for fear regarding COVID-19, but let us operate out of hope and love, rather than fear. The Word teaches us to “not be anxious about anything”, so let’s not fear or panic, and instead trust the sovereignty of our Lord and make faith-full decisions rather than fear-full ones. Let’s join together in prayer. Let’s pray for one another and those who are sick, those who may be in higher risk, and those in decision-making roles. Let’s continue to love on each other and encourage each other during this time.