Soul Care Conference

2018 Fall Conference

Friday Aug 17 - Saturday Aug 18

Briarcliff Baptist Church

What is "Soul Care"

This conference will be the capstone to our summer series on caring for the soul.

"Addressing the deepest issues of the human experience as an invitation
to surrender to God’s transforming work of healing and freedom."

The definition of soul care is vast and varied. The word soul is translated from the Greek word psuche, meaning “the breath, breath of life” (Vine, Unger, & White, 1996, pp. 588). The Latin words for the care of souls are cura animarum. Cura means the “care of” or “cure for,” and animarum means “breath, breeze, air, wind.” Soul care, according to the strictest sense of the words, involves literally caring for and curing the very breath that gives us life. It is tending to the deepest needs of the soul.

Excerpt from The Popular Encyclopedia of Christian Counseling by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins.


Dr. Ingrid Davis

Speaker, Executive Coach & Mentor

Ingrid is a gifted speaker, leader, mentor and coach with a Bachelors degree in Education, a Masters Degree in Intercultural studies, and a Doctor of Ministry in Global Leadership. Ingrid specializes in coaching, cross-cultural training and character based leadership training. She has worked with leaders and teams globally helping them adapt to change and improve the quality of their organizations and their lives.

Dr. Davis has taught on topics such as:
- What is Soul Care?
- How can we care for our own souls?
- What are the signs of soul neglect?
- How to deal with emotional exhaustion and prevent burnout
- How to help others in soul development and soul care


Schedule (tentative)

7:30 PM evening session

8:00 AM breakfast
9:00 AM morning session
afternoon sessions/breakouts
7:30 PM evening session


3039 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329


Cost: $20 per adult

PayPal retreats[at] via Friends/Family

Breakfast and lunch included.
Childcare will be available.
We are happy to serve you. Please indicate your needs on the registration form.