Missions Week

$25,116.57 out of $20,000
raised in total

Jesus called His believers to a great and glorious mission:
Go and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19

Welcome to our 2018 Missions Week Campaign! God calls us to share His love both locally--in our neighborhoods and in our country--and globally. Therefore, we highly value our missional partners and see them as essential components of the church.

The week-long program will kick off at Sunday service on February 25 with Pastor Ryun Chang speaking from his 16 years as missionary in Chihuahua, Mexico. Throughout the week we'll be highlighting a missions partner each day on this page and on social media to see how God is moving around the world. Finally, at evening service on Friday March 2, Mrs. Lori (founder of City Hope Community) and her husband Pastor Jason will share about how God is moving in the refugee community in Clarkston, GA.

To give electronically, please PayPal missions@jcatlanta.org. This page will be updated daily at noon with the most recent contributions. The online offering will close this Saturday (March 3) at 11:59 PM. Our target goal for this year is $20,000!

May we all be encouraged by 2 Corinthians 9:
10 He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. 11 You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God. 12 For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God.

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Saturday Mar 3: Missionary Highlight #7
Dave and Pie Kwon

Simply loving God and loving people

Meet the Missionaries

Pastor Dave came to know the Lord as a freshman at Drexel University. He worked as an engineer for several years in Philadelphia before packing everything up and moving to Atlanta to plant the Journey Church of Atlanta with Pastor Matt. P. Dave served as an associate and college pastor at Journey for years. It was during this time that he met and married his amazing wife, Pie. They both served at Journey until 2011. That's when he and Pie decided to move to North Carolina in order to plant Journey Community Church (JCC). They have three beautiful daughters (Cara, Phoebe, and Ruth).

The Ministry

JCC is located in the Raleigh-Durham area at the heart of the Raleigh Research Triangle. The church ministers to college students, graduate students, working professionals, and a growing number of young families.

Prayer Requests

For growth in discipleship and evangelism this year of 2018! They are working hard to invite people to Easter service, spreading the word through media and flyers.

For strength and finances -- please pray that God would help JCC cover the costs of giving free Bibles and additional resources to non-Christians.

For joy for the Kwon family as they continue to grow with each other.

JCC is sending one brother as a missionary to China next year! Please pray for him and this new season of following Christ.

Friday Mar 2: Missionary Highlight #6
City Hope Community

Our mission is to mobilize and unite individuals and churches in taking up the care and cause of the socially vulnerable.

The Ministry

City Hope Community was founded by Lori Kim. Lori had started volunteering with World Relief with her children in Clarkston, GA when she saw the need for tutoring among refugees who had been resettled there by the government. With resolve, she brought 12 high school students to Clarkston to volunteer as tutors. They continued to serve, and even some adults joined in. After three years, their ministry grew to become what is currently City Hope’s “Saturday Tutoring Program.” Through the help of college volunteers, the “Raya After-school Program” started in 2010 to serve students during the weekdays. In time, City Hope grew to include a thrift store, ESL/Citizenship Class, and Family Care program. In addition to Saturday Tutoring and Raya, City Hope was able to create several other programs to serve the young people in Clarkston: Youth Leadership, Small Group Mentorship, and Children’s Camp. God has allowed the Sunday ministry of Children’s Church to be especially fruitful. Many children are from Muslim and Hindu backgrounds. Thus, every weekend is an important opportunity for the Gospel to reach communities in Clarkston that are normally very closed.

Praise Report

The young girl (left) whom we have been praying for, who had a rare form of cancer, is in remission! Her chemo is finished and she is back in school. Praise God!

Prayer Requests

Salvation of Muslim and Hindu children in this ministry.

Ministry Projects -- Many youth that were once active with City Hope no longer attend because they are busy working part-time jobs that occupy them on evenings and weekends. Also, some youth that are now young adults do not have enough job skills or educational background to easily find work. As a solution, City Hope is actually planning to create employment for them! A City Hope candle making business has already started with two students working on Saturdays. If it is expanded, it will be able to employ more youth.

$5,000 is needed to to expand the candle-making business to employ City Hope youth. $30,000 is needed to create a landscaping business; this includes buying the trucks, landscaping equipment, and all materials. Please pray that God will provide financially so the youth can be employed to good labor!

Thursday Mar 1: Missionary Highlight #5
P. Nate and Grace

Where is God calling us next?

Meet the Missionaries

Pastor Nate was actually a college pastor at Journey from 2008 to 2013. He lead the Georgia State and Georgia Tech family group ministries for several years. He then spent one year as a missionary to Indonesia in 2013, helping the ministry of Pastor Paul & Ailsa and learning the language. In Indonesia, P. Nate met his wife, Grace, while visiting family in Korea. It was love at first sight, and they were married the next summer. P. Nate’s one year came to a close, but he felt God was promptinghim to stay longer in Indonesia. Thus, Grace and Nate started their newlywed life there.

At that time, P. Nate was a preaching pastor at Pekanbaru international Christian fellowship for expats, and he served at GLOW Christian fellowship and Pastor Jonedy’s orphanage. However, P. Nate felt that he needed to be better equipped for long-term missions and decided to return to the U.S. for further training. Nate, Grace and their one-year-old son, Musa, currently reside in San Francisco, serving at a sister church called Radiance Christian Church. P. Nate is currently applying for a PhD in Christian Preaching at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS).

A Short Testimony

A few years ago, we held a "School of Ministry" in Indonesia. Several pastors from AMI (our community of churches) came to Indo to teach seminars. As we were welcomed by church members, one in particular stood out. He was one of the elders, and he just had such a wonderful smile. I remember he also hugged some people – he was very welcoming.

The next day, we were asked to visit an elder of the church because his house had just burnt down. When we arrived, there was nothing left of the house. The family had lost everything they had ever owned. Can you imagine what that’s like? Can you imagine losing everything you’ve ever owned in your entire life?

Anyways, we went to their neighbor’s house (where the family was staying) to pray for the family. And we couldn’t believe it. It was Pak Wasley -- the elder who had been so welcoming! When we did the math, we realized that his house was already destroyed while he was welcoming us with a smile the previous night.

We were so blessed by this man that I shared this story at our international church and at Pastor Paul’s church in Singapore (GCC). And something amazing happened. People just started coming up to us and giving us money to give to Pak Wasley. And you know what? At that moment, my wife and I just praised the Lord. We had one of these “AHA moments!” We realized, this is what ministry really is. We didn't do anything special. We were just available to be used by God.

This was a big deal to us because that is not what I thought ministry was. Let me be vulnerable for a bit. At this point, I was feeling like a failure. I felt like I was wasting my time in Indonesia. I couldn’t speak the language fluently. I wasn’t making a ton of disciples. And surely millions of Indonesians weren’t coming to know the Lord because of me. But that’s exactly the point. God was already doing work. And it’s GOD who’s doing the work and “US”… We simply get to participate in it. Ministry -- the "how-to" of making disciples, the "how-to" of Christian life -- is being aware of what God is doing and participating in it. This is not our work; this is God's work. And so ministry is to participate in God’s work.

Prayer Requests

P. Nate and Grace need God's discernment for their specific calling and future direction as missionaries. P. Nate is currently waiting for a decision on his PhD studies. With admission, they will be planning to move. Please also pray for their son Musa’s health. Thank you!

Wednesday Feb 28: Missionary Highlight #4
J&J in the Middle East

Steadfast love and faithfulness

Meet the Missionaries

Names and details have been concealed to protect the missionaries. J&J have been in the Middle East for nine years. They have three children (six-, four-, and a two-year old). In the beginning, they had much difficulty in having their children. They tried for 10 years, until the first was born! They are truly gifts from God. Both J&J went to the University of Illinois, where they committed their lives to Christ. Pastor J originally wanted to be a robotics engineer, but felt God tug him elsewhere after hearing a missionary couple from Africa talk about how people don't have access to the Bible. From there, P. J read many books on missions and went on several trips to Africa in order to confirm his calling. He told God he would go anywhere in the world, except for the Muslim nations because of difficulties in seeing fruit in ministry. And with that prayer, God began to nudge his heart towards the Muslim people.

The Ministry

J&J primarily serve Middle Eastern refugees. Pastor J teaches English where he intentionally seeks for people of peace to study the Bible together. He also has an online chat ministry to talk to seekers in surrounding Middle Eastern countries that only have access to Christianity through media. J hosts play groups for refugee moms and seeks opportunities to start Bible studies with them. In addition, J&J train teams to be sent out to surrounding Middle Eastern countries.

Prayer Requests

People of peace -- Please pray for the missionaries as they continue to seek out “people of peace”--people who are open to and interested in spiritual things, and with whom they can start discovery Bible studies.

A friend named *Mark was recently introduced to J&J. He has been particularly interested in having spiritual conversations, and even shared that, inexplicably, he has felt the presence of Jesus ever since he was little. Now, he has a desire to know who Jesus is beyond the feeling of presence, and is studying the Bible with Pastor J. Please pray for supernatural revelation and renewal for Mark’s mind and heart as they study together!

Team training -- Three missions workers joined J&J in August! Please pray for grace and strength in their language and culture learning. Four members will be finishing their terms by the summer. Please pray for wisdom and discernment concerning the next chapter of their lives.

Their children -- Overall, the kids are doing very well. Though there are mornings when the second child says, “I don’t want to speak Arabic today.” Please pray for their children as they navigate life, friendship, and school.

Tuesday Feb 27: Missionary Highlight #3
Paul and Ailsa in Singapore

Missions is definitely better together

Meet the Missionaries

Pastor Paul and Ailsa were missionaries to Indonesia serving the Muslim population for 10 years prior to moving to Singapore to plant Grace Covenant Church (GCC) Singapore. They have three beautiful daughters: Hannah, Caitlyn, and Olivia. Ailsa is a teacher at an international school that their girls attend. She is also enrolled in a Master’s program in education. Pastor Paul is currently planning for summer missions trips and preparing to send-receive interns.

The Ministry

GCC Singapore consists of a wide range of demographics: a lot of expats with young families/children, some Singaporeans, and many young adults in grad school or working professionals. Singapore is a bustling city-state filled with people who are extremely ambitious. They minister to young professionals and young families. Most people are very busy and career driven. Their constant prayer request has been for our church members to have a sense of unity and commitment.

Letter from the Pastor

Dear Journey Church of Atlanta,

Greetings from Singapore! Thank you all for your passion for Christ and partnership in the Gospel. And thank you for trusting us with three interns from your church. Crystal, Joanne and Kristie have been a great encouragement to our family and the church! In the past year, GCC Singapore has been growing rapidly. It's exciting b/c we know God is at work. At the same time, it means lots of people don't know each other very well. Please pray for a greater sense of belonging - where people can say, 'this is my home'; and greater depth of relationships - where discipleship can take place. Pray especially for our young adults to find strong roots in the fellowship of God's family.

Recently our church took a mission trip to Indonesia in which we invited whole families to serve together at Insan Permata Orphanage. Three families plus our interns took a couple days to be exposed to the Muslim world; get a taste of Indonesian culture and cuisine; and minister to kids at Insan Permata. It was better than any of us expected! Our moms and dads did a great job of protecting and loving-on everyone; the teens and little kids connected with their peers; and the interns provided energy and support to everyone. There was a lot of bonding with kids; encouraging of orphanage staff; and special memories for our families of serving God together. Missions is definitely better together! Please pray that our team would continue to share in the missionary heart of God.

For our family, things continue to be very busy: our 3 kids are busy with school and activities; Ailsa is busy working full-time while also taking classes in education; and I'm busy planning summer mission trips and preparing to send-receive interns. What a life! Please pray that our family would be united; alive spiritually; and supportive of one another.

God bless,
Pastor Paul Liu

Prayer Requests

For unity and commitment in the church, despite busyness and career pursuits.

For a greater sense of belonging -- deep friendships that lead to discipleship, and for people to feel at “home” at GCC Singapore.

For Insan Permata Orphanage and for the team (pictured) to continue to share in the missionary heart of God.

For the Liu family to be united, alive spiritually, and supportive of one another.

Monday Feb 26: Missionary Highlight #2
Crystal, Joanne, and Kristie in Singapore

Serving as missionary interns at Grace Covenant Church in Singapore

Meet the Missionaries

Crystal graduated from Georgia State University in 2017 with a degree in Marketing. She loves experiencing new cultures, aesthetically pleasing environments, bothering her roommate Kristie, and most importantly -- drinking boba! She chose a one-year missions internship because she loves God, loves serving His people, and was available.

Joanne also graduated from Georgia State University in 2017 with a degree in Psychology. She is drawn to all things creative, loves the uniqueness that every human being encompasses, and is a big fan of cloud watching. For some time, God had been revealing to her that He is a God of all nations and lover of His people. He had been exposing this to her through many cross-cultural college courses, volunteering, and short-term missions trips; she wanted more. Immediately following her very last college course, she packed her bags and went off to Singapore!

Kristie graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 2017. She’s fun and weird and likes a lot of random stuff like drawing cartoons, vlogging, and exploring anything new. She decided to serve in Singapore because she felt God calling her, and she just said, “OK, God!”

The Ministry

Singapore is a bustling city-state filled with people who are extremely ambitious. GCC Singapore consists of a wide range of demographics: numerous expats with young families and children and some Singaporeans, and many young working professionals and graduate students.

Crystal’s roles include administrative duties, working on the creative arts, and being the Sunday Service Coordinator. Joanne leads the youth group, connects ministry partners with the Insan Permata Orphanage in Pekanbaru, Indonesia and oversees the Welcoming ministry. She also helps with the church’s Instagram account and family group Bible study creation. Kristie is in charge of leading the young adult family groups and assists the Children’s and Worship ministries.

Prayer Requests

Crystal is still in need of around 50% and Joanne around 25% of their finances for the remainder of the year.

Insan Permata Orphanage in Pekanbaru, Indonesia are in desperate need of committed people who have a willing heart to support them in sincere prayer and financial giving. GCC Singapore has partnered with this orphanage since before the church was planted, and strives to continue to support and serve there.

GCC Singapore has a retreat coming up in April, and the church is hoping to cover some of the cost for members who cannot afford it.

Sunday Feb 25: Missionary Highlight #1
Esther & Reo in [Asia]

We love sharing God's love with college students and young adults
in one of the most populated metropolitan cities in [Asia].

Meet the Missionaries

Esther was a student at Emory and one of the first six Journey one-year interns to Asia in 2011. While there, she met Reo, and they developed a friendship that later led to dating after she came back to the US. She returned to Asia after finishing her Master’s degree and married to Reo in June 2017. Esther is currently teaching English at an international school, and Reo is currently working in healthcare consulting.

The Ministry

Esther and Reo lead a small group for working young professionals. The church they serve consists of mostly college students and young adults. Esther is involved in worship ministry, and Reo preaches on Sundays.


Because of the increasing cost of living in Esther and Reo’s city, money has been feeling tighter. The majority of their finances go towards living costs. However, other financial commitments they have include seminary classes, counseling with brothers and sisters, and supporting other local missionaries.

Prayer Requests

"Personally, we are praying through some decisions we have to make this year regarding work, schooling, and ministry. We've been feeling stuck, unsure of what God desires. Please pray for a quiet heart and humble mind to hear and obey God as we discern His will. Please also pray that we can grow in our faith and be effective leaders.

We expect more challenges from the government instituting big policy changes in order to better control religious gatherings. Please pray for our church to fight against fear and to be wise, especially without our pastor and his family out on sabbatical. We have found a new meeting place for working professionals, but still need to discuss details regarding cost, time, and other logistics. Please pray for His favor over this process!

Our SG is getting too big, praise the Lord! We are hoping to split the SG into two this year. Please pray for people to have a heart to lead and have ownership for the new group. We will have a church-wide servant retreat beginning of March, so we hope it can be a time to recharge."

The Journey Church of Atlanta