Celebrate Jesus’s sacrifice
and victory with us next week!
Thur. 7:30 PM, Fri. 7:30 PM, Sun. 1:30 PM

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Journey welcomes



the world.

You weren’t meant to go through life alone.

Come journey with us, no matter what you’ve been through.
Let’s experience Christ’s love together.

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We will be gathering online
during shelter-in-place, through April 2020

Sunday Worship 1:30 PM ET

Click here for livestream URL

If you have any questions about joining us online, please contact us at admin@jcatlanta.org

A couple of notes to keep in mind:
  • We chose Zoom for Fridays so that we can enjoy the benefit of hearing and seeing each other while being physically apart.
  • When you enter our Zoom room, you will be on mute automatically so that everyone can hear the presenter. Please keep yourself on mute so the speaker’s voice will be clear for everyone. Note that because of streaming lag, we will be singing while muted as well; so sing your heart out! There will be some opportunities to un-mute yourself (especially as we pray in one voice), show yourself on camera, and say hello during the meeting!

With or without a building,
we are church together

PRAY for our city and for the world, for the sick and for the healthcare workers who are on the front lines caring for them. Pray for those whose jobs are affected because of this outbreak, and who may not be able to provide for their families. Pray for our missionary partners who are sent out to the nations, and lastly for wisdom for those in positions of authority and in government.

STAY CONNECTED with your spiritual family via the following ways:
BE THE HOPE AND LIGHT OF CHRIST to your neighbors. During this time of crisis, it is important that we keep our mind on things above and look for ways to serve. As we quarantine, it’s natural to slip into thinking about ourselves most, putting our needs first, and neglecting others. After all, we’re by ourselves all day! What are some ways we can be intentional to be a light to people during this time? Is there anyone we know who could use some help, food, encouragement? Ask God for opportunities to serve those who are in need. He might just show you someone who is struggling on their own, someone you could share the hope of Christ with. Let us look not only to our own interests, but also the needs of others during this time of crisis (Philippians 2:4).


Official COVID-19 Update

Update 3/16/20:
Message from Pastor Dandy:

Hola familia, in light of the current COVID-19 events our Church community will be going code RED as of now. This means that all church gatherings including Family Groups, Journey Groups, and worship service will be online.

Our government officials are asking that gatherings should be 10 people or less. Please be on the look out for updates from staff on our social media channels and email for specific logistic implementations.

More importantly, please continue to pray for our national and local leaders, our church members and it’s leaders, our communities and our workplaces. Thank you familia!

Update 3/15/20:
Until further notice, Sunday Service will live-streamed from our Facebook page at 1:30PM.

Update 3/14/20:
Midtown Service is cancelled until August.